About us

The Emmaus Commemorative Gardens Foundation (ECGF) is a volunteer, non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to creating one or more special commemorative garden sites in Emmaus, PA. The ECGF Board of Directors meets several times each year to direct the development of the current garden site at the Knauss Homestead.


History of the Garden

The ECGF began as a Task Force Team from the Emmaus Visioning Project in spring, 2002. The project team heard from one of its team members about a memorial garden in Hawthorne, NV, that has had over 900 rose bushes planted in remembrance of persons in their community who have passed away. The Hawthorne concept was the inspiration for the ECGF in Emmaus, PA.

The ECGF worked for over two years creating a business plan, soliciting contributions, partnering with local businesses, working with our borough government, planning for site development, developing a website, sponsoring special events, and marketing the concept to the community. Presentations were made to a wide range of local organizations in an effort to educate the public about the project and encourage them to purchase commemorative opportunities, including bricks, roses, benches, trees, perennials, and a pergola.

The Remembrance Garden at the Knauss Homestead was dedicated in July, 2004 with a pergola at the center of the site and the first set of about 50 Red Knockout roses. The first walkway was in place as were the basic perimeter shrub plantings. Since then eight benches, a second walkway with Sunny Knockout roses, a perennial garden, a flag pole and an informational sign have been added. The walkways have evolved into areas for bricks to recognize veterans, community heroes, The Heritage Alliance, service clubs, Eagle Scouts, Emmaus High School students, businesses, and families.

Future goals

The mission of the Emmaus Commemorative Gardens Foundation is to offer a meaningful place of tranquility that honors loved ones or remembers a special event or service with permanent, engraved paver bricks surrounded by beautiful perennial roses and other plantings that create a sense of tranquility and calm in our community.

Who we are

Executive Director:
Dr. Mike Waddell

Board of Directors:
Donna Stahler – Customer Service
Jill Cramer – Garden Site Maintenance
Teri Sorg-McManamon – Marketing/Advertising
Tom Gettings – Environmental Impact
Linda Waddell – Fiscal Oversight
Kathleen Prindible – Special Events
Jan Wright – Garden Site Development

Foundation volunteers:
John Stahler, Wes Barrett, Roger Whitcomb, Mike Schaffer, Gary Rohrbach, Teri Goszka, Bev Young, Chris Basile, Nancy Mulry, Lucy McLeod, Karren Ford, John Schmoyer, Linda Boehmer